Tall Camera Systems

Our specialist camera systems can reach heights of up to 30ft, ensuring you get a fantastic TV style view of your game. Their compact, lightweight design allows them to be transported and used throughout the UK. This angle of video footage is great for analysing team shape and movement. Never settle for ground level footage again!

Hockey Cam

Professional Camera Operatives

Using the latest recording equipment and technology, our team of professional camera operatives can capture every minute of your game. They are fully trained with years of recording experience across a wide range of different sports. The 4K High Definition video footage you receive is an important coaching tool that gives your team a valuable opportunity to analyse and review performance.

Our video quality is something you can trust.

Other Services

In-Play Online

A powerful video analysis platform that improves coaching & player performance.

Video Tagging

Don’t have the time to do your own tagging or coding? We can help! Send us your match video today.

Ready to have your game professionally filmed?